Arrangement - write a paragraph summary-link

Malc Prentice

The last sentence of every paragraph should be either:

For 5 paragraph essays

When do I summarize or link?

Summarize AND link everything except

Introduction paragraphs

Conclusion paragraphs


Last paragraph before conclusion

Every other paragraph

Examples for first-year essays

1) Link at end of Description (A)

2) Summary-Link at end of Problems (B)

3) Summary for Solutions (C)

Rules for sectional essays

Once you have more than 5 paragraphs, the rules change.

See write a sectional essay for details

If you DO NOT use a section conclusion paragraph

The last three sentences of the last paragraph in the section:


"In summary, the problem of heavy metal pollution is serious, both for miners and people living near the mine. Overall, this section has shown that production of X causes a number of issues - A, B, and C - of which the most effective is C. However, the next paragraph examines some possible solutions to these issues"

If you DO use a section conclusion paragraph

Body paragraphs are normal

Section Conclusion paragraphs should have:

Two parters

In summary, Scotland is X. In the next section I will describe Ireland.
Scotland is cold, but how about Ireland? Next, this essay describes...
In my next essay, I plan to look at Wales and Ireland.
This chapter summarised literature on X The next chapter describes the methods ...