Class - Online 3

Aim of Online Unit 3 (Class 2)

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

Homework before this class


Skill: Make small talk

Regular Homework: learn vocabulary

1) Go to learn vocabulary

2) Follow the instructions

3) Submit it on Google CLassroom. I will check it and return it if it is OK.

Regular Homework: How to do a QuickWrite

1) Go to Google Classroom

2) Find "Regular Homework - Quickwrites" Task

3) Read this: do a quickwrite

4) Do Quickwrite 1 ("QW1")

5) Submit Quickwrite 1 on Google Classroom. I will return it if it looks OK.

6) Keep going!

Essay Project Unit 1

Go to write an essay about ethical consumption

Homework AFTER this class

Do Vocab (V1), Quickwrite (QW1), and Essay Project Homework 1 - Introduction"