Index - CEFR

Acting as intermediary in informal situations

Addressing audiences

Analysis, criticism of creative texts

Asking for clarification

Building on pluricultural repertoire

Building on plurilingual repertoire

Coherence and cohesion

Collaborating - facilitating collaborative interaction with peers

Collaborating to construct meaning





Creative writing

Explain a new concept - breaking down complicated information

Explain a new concept - linking to previous knowledge

Explaining data in speech, for example graphs

Explaining data in writing, for example graphs

Facilitating communication in delicate situations

Facilitating pluricultural space


Formal discussion - for example meetings

General linguistic range

Goal-oriented co-operation

Goal-oriented online transaction,collaboration

Grammatical accuracy

Identifying cues and inferring - spoken or written

Informal discussion - for example with friends

Information exchange

Interviewing and being interviewed

Leading group work - encouraging conceptual talk

Leading group work - managing interaction

Listening as a member of a live audience

Listening to announcements and instructions

Listening to audio media and recordings

Monitoring and repair

Note-taking - lectures, seminars, meetings

Notes, messages and forms

Obtaining goods and services

Online conversation and discussion

Orthographic control

Overall Mediation

Overall listening comprehension

Overall reading comprehension

Overall spoken Interaction

Overall spoken production

Overall written Production

Overall written interaction

Personal response to creative texts

Phonological control - overall

Phonological control - prosodic features

Phonological control - sound articulation


Plurilingual comprehension

Processing text in speech

Processing text in writing

Propositional precision

Public announcements

Reading Correspondence

Reading as a leisure activity

Reading for information and argument

Reading for orientation

Reading instructions

Relaying specific information in speech

Relaying specific information in writing

Sociolinguistic appropriateness

Spoken fluency

Strategies to simplify a text - amplifying a dense text

Strategies to simplify a text - streamlining a text

Sustained monologue - describing experience

Sustained monologue - giving information

Sustained monologue - putting a case e.g.debate

Taking the floor - turntaking

Thematic development

Translating a written text in speech

Translating a written text in writing


Understanding an interlocutor

Understanding conversation between speakers

Using telecommunications

Vocabulary control

Vocabulary range

Watching tv, film and video

Written reports and essays