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survey research presentation

write a cause-effect

write a compare-contrast

write a conclusion paragraph

write a criteria-analysis

write a description paragraph

write a detail sentence

write a paragraph summary-link

write a paragraph topic sentence

write a sectional essay

write a specific genre

write a summary-response

write a time-order

write an argument

write an introduction - overview

write an introduction paragraph background

write an introduction thesis statement


TOEFL Independent essay

TOEFL Integrated essay

example argumentative essay

example country case study

example cover letter

example criteria analysis one thing volunteer essay

example criteria analysis three things essay - engineering

example endangered animals essay

example ethical consumption essay

example refugees and asylum seekers essay


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avoid bad sources

avoid common APA format problems


quote and paraphrase

recognise and avoid plagiarism

types of evidence

use APA format for Japanese sources

use APA format for tables and figures

use APA format in reference lists

use APA format in the text

use APA title case and italics

use IEEE format for sources

useful tools for managing and formatting references


log input

outline a lecture

outline a news article

outline a plan for going abroad

outline an academic article

outline an easy book

outline your essay


plan a trip

write a CV and cover letter

write a country case study

write a dissertation

write a poem

write a quantitative research report

write a survey research report

write an essay about endangered animals

write an essay about ethical consumption

write an essay about refugees and asylum seekers

write an essay about voluntourism

write an essay about world heritage


Skill - Analysing qualitative data

Skill - Interviews

Skill - Questionnaires

Skill - Surveys

Skill - write proposal


Speed Reading answers

Training - choose a learning focus

Training - handle mixed level classes

editing code list

list of conversation starters

list of useful situations and functions

marking rubric for RR report

marking rubric for essay

marking rubric for poster

marking rubric for presentation

paragraph basics

plan a trip

questions for Kornhauser

quickwrite topics

sources of free images and clipart

spelling alphabet

survival phrases

take the TOEFL iBT - 0 - An Overview

take the TOEFL iBT - 1 - Reading

take the TOEFL iBT - 2 - Listening

take the TOEFL iBT - 3 - Independent speaking

take the TOEFL iBT - 4 - Integrated speaking

take the TOEFL iBT - 5 - Integrated writing

take the TOEFL iBT - 6 - Independent writing

take the TOEFL iBT - An Overview

take the TOEIC

term dates

websites for English news articles

websites for learning a third language

websites for learning about language

websites for listening

websites for other things

websites for reading


Curriculum for Communication

Curriculum for General Academic Skills

ECS Fall reorganisation

Malc's schedule

Syllabus for British Culture

Syllabus for ECS-Mon-Wed

Syllabus for ECS-Tue-Thu

Syllabus for ES

Syllabus for GCP

Syllabus for Global Village training

Syllabus for intensive Communication

Syllabus for intensive TOEIC

Study Skills

ask a question as the class ends

ask good questions

back up your work

critical thinking

do a quick-code

do a quickwrite

do a song lyric listening

do a speed reading

do an SRA card

do the final vocab test

do well in class

follow a writing process

format written work

get independent learning points

guess word meanings

learn vocabulary

make a holiday study plan

make a name card

make a poster

make a powerpoint slideshow

make small talk

manage time


set goals

stay motivated

use ALC NetAcademy

use Office and Drive

use the Self Access Centre

write a well formatted email


avoid repeating words

avoid short sentences

describe figures and tables

describing change

express opinions, agree, and disagree

follow academic conventions

give a clear presentation

give good feedback

give translations and explanations

language for discussions

language for dissertations

negotiate a deal


use a parenthetical statement

use cohesion

use gerunds and infinitives

use hedging

use keywords

use lists

use the right tense

use title case

use verbs for citation

write a cause-effect sentence

write a compare-contrast sentence

write a definition sentence

write a final comment sentence

write a nested structure paragraph

write a partition sentence

write a research article - overview

write a research discussion section

write a research methods section

write a research results section

write a summary sentence

write a time-order sentence

write your thesis front matter