Invention - find good sources

This page is about research sources. For other kinds of support you can use in your essays, see recognise types of evidence

Avoid bad sources

You can READ these for your own information, but don't USE them in your essay:

Find good sources

Good sources for an essay

Are mostly:

Good sources for a dissertation

Are different and more difficult.

I don't expect your to read these for your essay, but use them if you have read something useful (even in Japanese) for other courses:

How to find good sources

2) Choose the best keywords

You should have collected something like this:

Essay Problem keywords Solution keywords
Endangered animals Pollution, hunting, poaching, global warming, bycatch RRR, boycott, product labelling,
Ethical Consumption Air/Water/Soil pollution Wildlife preserves, farmer compensation, CITES, ban on hunting
Criteria-Analysis Cost, weight, size, durability, battery time, sustainability, screen size, safety,

Side note: Keywords for problems-solutions essays

3) Start searching using your keywords.

Normal Google web search is full of rubbish. Narrow it down:

4) Follow the links!

Once you’ve found a good source, find the sources that article uses. Read those!

5) Don't waste your time on low-quality sources

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