Invention - find good sources

When you are looking for sources, try this:

1) Read in your language first and find the main idea keywords

2) Translate the main idea keywords into English.

For example:

Endangered Animals Pollution, hunting, poaching, global warming, bycatch Wildlife preserves, farmer compensation, CITES, ban on hunting
Ethical Consumption Air/Water/Soil pollution, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, boycott, product labelling,

Cost, weight, size, durability, battery time, sustainability, screen size, safety,

Use Google

More Academic searches

Search a specific newspaper


4) Save the good sources

6) Once you’ve found a good source, find the sources that article uses. Read those!

choose popular ones - if older article shave few citations, they’re not important

“引用元 6893”, not “引用元 1”

7) Avoid bad sources

You can READ these for your own information, but don't USE them in your essay:

See check source quality

8) Read it once and annotate

9) Read it again and take notes

Take good notes

When you read these notes in the future, it will be easier if you:

Use Note English

Notes should be FAST to write and FAST to read:

Also take notes on:

10) Don't forget the reference