Invention - recognise types of evidence

Types of evidence

“Is the Loch Ness Monster real or not”

Reason "Loch Ness is very narrow, so where would it hide?"
Report "My cousin said he saw it" (personal report)
"It was seen by person X on date Y" (testimony)
Research"The BBC used 600 submarines and found nothing": (link)

Example Evidence

“We should do a study abroad”

1. If we go to Canada, we will have to speak English, so our level will go up.

2. My friend said that the food she ate on a study abroad was terrible.

3. Study abroad is too expensive - 300000/week (

4. My friend went on a study abroad and made new friends from many countries.

5. When we travel, people we meet learn about Japan and maybe want to visit. More tourists = good economy

6. Other countries are dangerous. According to the LAPD, there were over 1000 murders in 1993 (

For each piece of evidence above, decide

1. Is it Reason, Report or Research?

2. Is it FOR or AGAINST doing a study abroad?

3. Write a keyword for each piece of evidence.

4. Is it strong? How could you argue against this evidence?