Invention - use IEEE format for sources

In-text citation rules

1) Use SQUARE BRACKETS with a number inside [1].

2) Number them in order of use.

3) If you use a citation twice, use the original number

4) If you use more than one source for a fact, use all numbers

5) Reference goes BEFORE period [1].

6) Space before the reference

7) IF page numbers are necessary, give them like this:

8) You can also refer to specific Sections and Figures

In-text style and examples

Option 1: Just give the fact and a number

Option 2: Give the citation type

Option 3: Use the number directly

Option 4: Give the name

DO NOT DO THIS unless the author name is somehow important.

References section rules

I'm still checking this example, so let me know if you spot any problems:

[1] H. Nakamura, T. Suzuki, and P. Smith, "Title of article in normal case," Title of Journ. Abbrev. in Ital., vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 32-35, Oct. 2010.

[2] D. Watanabe, B. Sapp, and K. Bailey, Name of Book in Italics and Title Case. Publisher Name, 2013.

[3] D. Watanabe and K. Bailey, Name of Book in Italics and Title Case with no Comma before "and" if only two Authors. Publisher Name, 2013.

[4] P. Smith, S. Smith, G. Smith, and B. Smith, "Title of proceedings article in normal case," in 2015 Name of Conference Proceedings in Italics and Title Case, pp. 418-423, 2015.

[5] Article with no author? [Online]. (May 28, 2016). Available:

[6] Article with no author and no date? [Online]. (n.d.). Available: http:// [May 28, 2016]. 

Common Questions

See the examples above for answers:

Suggestion for the future

Numbered systems are really fiddly in long documents. If you delete your first citation, you have to change ALL your numbers. Also, it's easy to use the wrong number and difficult to spot mistakes. If you have to use IEEE for your disseration, use automatic reference management software. I recommend Zotero with a Microsoft Word plugin.