Projects - log input

Malc Prentice


What do I do?

1) Choose the thing you want to read/listen to

2) Read/Listen to it.

3) Take a note of the title

4) Take basic handwritten notes.

5) Think of a short "response". Tell me what you though

For example:

What is a good reflection?

How to talk about what you did

6) Submit it online

Use this link: (link)

7) In class


Should I use Mind maps or outlines?

OPTION: Try "Cornell" style (for when you need to remember the content)

0) Download "TEMPLATE for RR Cornell style"

1) Draw the lines as shown (You can buy Cornell notebooks in Loft)

2) Take notes in the right hand box

3) After class/lecture, write keywords to the left

4) After class lecture, write a summary in the middle

5) Review: cover the middle and try to remember using the left column

6) For more info, see (link)