Projects - log

This is almost the same as "outline", but much less formal - summary and question only. No slides, no APA, etc. The idea is to practice the conversation situation where you are telling your friend about something interesting your read or heard.

1) Find something to read or listen to.

2) Read or listen to it. Take notes

3) Complete the online Log.

You need to give.

Example 1

Log # 1
Title What role does luck play in your life?
Type TED
Summary In this talk, the speaker argued that it would be more fair and less stressfull to have a lottery for university entrance among the people who are good enough, rather than an exam to choose the exact best.
QuestionWould you like Japanese universities to use a lottery system?

Example 2

Log # 2
Title The Hobbit, Chapter 1
Type Novel (paper)
Source Library
Summary In this book chapter, the author described a hobbit and his house, a visit by a wizard, and an "unexpected party" when a lot of dwarves come to the house.
QuestionWhat would you do if 13 people came to your house unexpectedly for a party?

Example 3

Log # 3
Title Melting ice sheets will add over 15 inches to global sea level rise by 2100
Type Online News
Summary IN this article, the author says that an international research team estimates that sea levels will go up 38 centimeters by 2100, mostly because of the greenland ice sheets melting
QuestionIf your house flooded, are you ready? Do you have supplies and do you know what where your nearest shelter is?

4) In class, say what you read, and have a short discussion