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How to do a combined article

Notes section difference

Put notes from BOTH lecture AND article into one set of notes.

In the summary

Option 1: Citation only (Safe)

However, Suzuki (2018, February 1) says that
In fact, Suzuki (2018, February 1) notes that
Additionally, Suzuki (2018, Febrary 1) points out that
For example, Suzuki (2018, February 1) describes

Option 2: describe source (trickier)

Link SOURCE TYPE source citation word+ reading summary Citation
However , an article in the Washington Post notes that this is not true because X (Smith, 2019, January 1)
Despite this , a law passed by the US congress has banned X (Yamada, n.d.)
Meanwhile, , protestors are claiming that this will have (no/real) impact, as X (UNESCO, 2017)
On the other hand , data collected by a survey agency shows this is (un)true, since ("UNESCO," 2017)
Elsewhere, however , similar work by another GROUP (does not) confirm this to be the case ("Trees," 2016b)
In fact , recent research by scientists working for the UNhas (dis)proved ("Newts," 2018, June 3)
In addition , a report by the Department of Work suggests otherwise, as X ("Penguins," n.d.)
Supporting this , recent evidence from satellite imaging clearly indicates that X (Suzuki, 2017)
Confirming this are recent reports by local NGOs that X
Casting doubt on this,a recent report by a government spokespersonrejects X

Option 42: So many choices

For more citation words and patterns, see the Invention sheets.

In the references section

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