Projects - outline


The aim of outline practice is:

Step 1: Listen, read and take notes

1A) Visit the TED website (link)

1B) When you have chosen a talk

1C) Google the topic covered in the talk. Find one thing to READ

Anything related to topic OK!

1D) Take notes on the TED Talk AND the article

Step 2: Get your Presentation ready (9 slides minimum)

Find the template

Slide 1

Slide 2

Give 3 keywords

Slide 3/4/5) Type up your notes in correct format

Slide 6) Write a summary

Slide 6 CORRECTION! There is an error in the Summary slide I sent.

Slide 7) Learning Reflection

Slide 8) Write three good discussion questions

Good discussion questions must start THREE DISCUSSIONS about the topic!

See ask good questions for example patterns

Slide 9) Add APA citations

Step 3: Present (Zoom version)

Preparing before class

Preparing in class

Timing: 15 minutes per speaker

Voice/Non Verbal Delivery - this will be graded

In Zoom presentations, no gestures

Style for a short presentation

Other options and in-class version here: give a clear presentation