Projects - outline


The aim of an "RR" outline is"

1) Find the materials.

Are you doing Outline or Powerpoint RR?

"TEMPLATE for RR OUTLINE" (typed) has:

"TEMPLATE for RR POWERPOINT" (slides) has


2) Get ready

3) Find something to read or listen to.

General Instructions

1) For a news article:

Visit websites for English news articles

For an SRA Card

For a lecture

See outline a lecture

For an easy book

1) Get a book

2) Read it

3) Doing an RR outline? Follow the general instructions

Finished your RR outline? Remember!

For a difficult reading of another kind

FOr a song

When I ask beginning first-year students with good English, particularly good pronunciation, where they learned, I usually get two answers:

So if I say "Free Topic" for RR, one option available is to use song lyrics.

However, its more than just listening to a song. You should:

4) Type up your rough notes

Use the template to get proper formatting

Don't plagiarize!

Use Note English

Outlines should be FAST to write and FAST to read:

Common codes

= is/is same as/leads to
# number
X times
> more than
< less than
n/a Not applicable
wo without
+ and/plus
~ about
/ or

5)Write a one sentence summary

See write a summary sentence

6) Write three good discussion questions

Good discussion questions must start THREE DISCUSSIONS about the topic!

Use clear question patterns

See ask good questions for examples.

7) Add APA citation to summary, and complete the References section

8) Bring it to class

In class, we will:

9) Email it to Malc only if graded