Projects - plan an overseas trip


In this report, we want to practice:

We also want to learn about opportunites for going abroad while at University. If you do not learn now, by the time you decide to go it might be too late - you might be busy with jobhunting, dissertation, or you might not be able to get the TOEFL/IELTS score you need.


People go abroad for many reasons.

1) Do you want to go abroad? For which reason?

2) Can you think of any more reasons people go abroad?


1) Do some Research

1) Choose something you can do while you are in university: "Volunteer", "Internship" or "Study Abroad"

2) Choose a specific place

Choose something INTERESTING your partner DOES NOT KNOW (i.e. no SUA)!

2) Find some good sources to learn about your options

Start with the links above.

Probably your other sites are the university site, and a travel site.

3) Research you need to know before you go.

Here are some ideas

Can you think of any more things you might need to know?

For the actual details, I have some actual tips on how to plan a trip in the Resources section.

4)Think about the Outcome

5) Next, prepare to outline the pattern, with some differences

See outline

Your title is:

Cite every line

Each point in your outline could come from any of your three references.

Don't forget to write three interesting questions

These questions are not interesting:

Don't forget your summary

For the summary, please give a TWO SENTENCE summary.

Don't forget your APA reference list

This report is different.