Projects - write a CV and cover letter

Warmer Discussion

Are you doing job hunting? How is it going?

What part time jobs have you had?

What job do you want after you graduate?


C.V. or Resume? Which is which?

1) A one page summary of work and learning used mostly in US business.

2) A 2-3 page summary of learning and work used in the UK and schools.

Cover letter?

Usually you don't just send the CV. You send a short letter:

See example cover letter

There are many different styles.

Make sure you know what style you need and find more examples.

Analysing a CV/Resume structure

Look at the examples


If you have no work experiences

What else can you think of?

If you have only part-time experience

Make your job sound better (without lying)

Instead of: Waiter, XYZ Ramen, Shinjuku. I took money, took orders, cleaned toilet.

Better to say: Serving staff, XYZ Ramen, Shinjuku. Responsible for cash handling, customer service and hygiene inspection.

I... Responsible for...
took money cash handling
talked to customers customer service
wrote signs publicity
locked the door security
fixed the door maintenance
cooked food preparation
cleaned (the kitchen) (food) hygiene
put up Halloween decorations d├ęcor
told new staff what to do staff training
organised shift swaps scheduling
did some paperwork administration
filled the shelves stock control
giving free stuff away promotions
checked something quality control

1) Find an appropriate CV Template

2) Download it and fill in the details

3) Try to adapt your CV to the job