Research - Skill - transcription

Malc Prentice

Research - transcription

Interviews must be converted to text before you can analyse them.

This is called "transcription"

What should I type?

Transcribe = "to write down exactly what people say", including:

Repetitions I like like dogs better than cats
Fillers I um like dogs better than uhh cats
Contractions I like dogs better'n cats
Mistakes I likes dogs more better than cats
Restarts I like dogs/I like dogs better than cats
Truncations I li- like dogs better than cats
Pauses I like … cats better than …dogs
Missing bits I like [inaudible] better than cats
Uncertain bits I like [?]
Other bits I like [loud noise from kitchen] …uh hold on
Emphasis I like cats but not dogs

Some research types (Discourse analysis, conversation analysis) also mark:

Pause length I like [:5] cats better than dog
Non-verbal I like [scratches nose] cats better than dog
Overlaps A: I like dogs. [And I like cats]
B:-_________________[How about cats.] Oh you do? Me too



Each line needs to have the student's pseudonym ("Bob") and a line number (1,2,3), because otherwise when you do a cut and sort analysis you won't know what comes from where.

Check the Shared Materials Folder for the transcription blank