Research - write a proposal

Research - Research Proposal, Ethics Review, and Pilot

Normally, before you are allowed to do research, you have to do

Research Diary

Before you begin, start your research diary. INclude

Research Proposal

Research Proposal Sections


This dissertation project looks at (general topic)...This topic is important because...The research question(s) is/are...The target audience are teachers/students...+ Tell me how is the answer going to be useful, interesting or new?

Literature Review


....TBC (section not finished)

Ethics Review

This is to make sure your research doesn't hurt anyone. You must tell participants that their participation is voluntary and that they have the right to leave and have their data deleted without giving a reason. You need special permission to work with children / the elderly / refugees / the disabled, and if the ethical situation is tricky, you may be asked to get a consent form from each participant.

Title of Dissertation:

Name of Supervisor:

Research level: Undergraduate Masters Doctorate Faculty


1) What is the aim of your project?

2) Type of study and data collection

3) If you are collecting data:

4) If your study has participants, describe:

5) Benefits

Pilot it:

Try it yourself, on some friends, on a few of your subjects, if you can