Resources - grading system

Students starting 2018 and earlier

Grade Small classes (<20 students) C/D level classes B level classes
S Anyone 90-100% Top 10% of class AND >90% Top 5% of class AND >90%
A Anyone 80-89% Top 40% of class AND >80% Top 30% of class AND >80%
B 70-79%
C 60-69%
D 50-59%
E 0-49%
N too many absences
most assignments missing

For individual assignments, you will get a D for ignoring feedback and an E for plagiarism on final draft.

If yoy plagiarise multiple times after warning, your final grade will also automatically be E.

Students starting 2019 and later

Grade GPA Score Meaning and Limits
A+ 4.0 95-100% "Excellent"- in top 5% of class
A 4.0 90-94% "Good" - in top 25% of class
A- 3.7 85-89% "Good"- in top 25% of class
B+ 3.3 80-84% "Satisfactory"
B 3.0 75-79% Satisfactory
B- 2.7 70-74% Satisfactory
C+ 2.3 65-69% Meets standard
C 2 60-64% Meets standard
D+ 1.7 55-59% Does not meet standard, but pass
D 1.3 50-54% Does not meet standard, but pass
E+ 1 45-49% Does not meet standard, fail
E 0 0-44% Does not meet standard, fail
N 0 Fail on absences, or missing assignments
I Incomplete. See note below


Limits of 5% A+and 25% total A+/A/A-

Except for those approved by the Faculty Council or by SEED.

SSB and GCP are approved

What is "Incomplete"?

I can't give "I" without an official certificate and form.

It's not for when you miss the vocab test because you slept in. Set two alarms!

It's not for when you haven't finished your QW on the last day. Do your QW earlier in term!

Even if you get "I", it's just a delay - you still need to submit missing work by the beginning of the following term.

To get a temporary "I" send me an email, followed as soon as you can by:

Injury or sickness Medical Certificate from doctor
Accident Certificate of accident
Disaster Certificate of disaster.
University-approved Study abroad Documents to certify studying abroad
Other Note from your Dean


Tell me if you have a good reason for absence]