Resources - marking rubric for RR report

Here is your final feedback. Please read it carefully. If there are problems, try to avoid them in your next RR

Your grade is:

Presentation G
write a well formatted email OK
format written work (name, font, etc) OK
use title case for your title OK
Outline format OK? OK
Note English (key ideas, no sentences) OK

Arrangement G
Correct Topic/Points covered? OK
Enough points to speak for 3-5 minutes? OK
Sensible organisation of ideas? OK
write a summary sentence which is clear OK
write a response which is clear (new) OK

Style G
Questions start 3 different discussions? OK
Clear and easy to understand? OK

Invention G
Any plagiarism / bad paraphrasing? OK
use APA format in the text OK
use APA format in reference lists OK
minimum number of sources used (see project sheet for number) OK
find good sources OK


Your grade goes up or down from C(6) depending on how many NW or G sections you get.

NW "Needs Work" (-1)
G "Good" (+ 1)