Resources - survival phrases

Some example contents you could cover in a "Survival" GV class

Source (20 languages)

Nation, P. (1991). A survival language learning syllabus for foreign travel. System, 19(3), 1991, 191-201.

Download a zip file with 18 languages here: (link)

1. Basics

2. Buying and bargaining

Do you have a/any ...? Is there a/any...?
This (one), That (one) One of these/those
How much (quantity)? half all (one) more (one) less
How much ($) It's $3.99.
Do you have something cheaper? It's too expensive Can you lower the price?

Plus names of things to buy: (e.g. Water, SIM card, map, ticket to somewhere)

3. Getting to places

4. Ordering food

5. Answering questions about yourself

What do you do? I am a (teacher)/tourist
Do you speak English/Chinese A little
How long have you lived/been here For X days/weeks/months

6. Common situations

7. Small Talk and Conversation

Common small talk topics

Daily life Entertainment and Media
Family and friends Food and drink
Hobbies, leisure and Sports House and home
Jobs and work Medicine, exercise, body and health
Places and buildings School and study
Shopping, money and Clothes The natural world and weather
Travel, Holidays and transport ...