Resources - take the TOEFL iBT - 4 - Integrated speaking

NEW - the old "Campus RLS" was removed in 2019


There are two basic types of integrated speaking

Read, Listen, Speak (RLS, Q2) (used to be Q3) Lecture only
Listen and Speak (LS, Q3&4) (Used to be 5&6 Lecture and Campus


General tips

Marking (Same for all RLS/LS)

Q2 RLS Lecture (old Q4)

Overview and General Tips



Q2 Example 1 (Old Purple Longman, p651)

READING TOPIC: “body of water” called “Dead Sea”

LISTENING TOPIC: add point - dead sea NOT sea

EXAMPLE ANSWER: In this set of materials, the reading passage describes a body of water, and the listening passage gives additional information about the body of water. The reading passage describes the body of water named the Dead Sea. It is said to be “dead’ because its high salt level prevents life in it. It’s salty because it’s landlocked with no outlet and it’s in an area with a high temperature, which causes rapid evaporation. The listening passage makes an additional point about the Dead Sea, which is that the Dead Sea isn’t really a sea. A sea is a body of water that’s part of the ocean or opens into the ocean, while a lake is a body of water that’s entirely enclosed. The Dead Sea has no outlet and is therefore a lake.

Your turn

Q2 Example 3 (Homework) Old purple Longman p216 + CD3:52

READING TOPIC: Polynesian migration in Pacific

LISTENING TOPIC: special point Polynesians got as far as S. America

HOMEWORK: Prepare an answer for Topic 3.

Hints for Q2 homework

In this set of materials, the reading passage describes a migration by one culture, and the listening passage describes a XXXof that migration. The reading passage describes XXXXX across the Pacific XXXXX. This XXXXX started XXXXX and covered XXXXX of Pacific Ocean, from XXXXX to New Zealand to XXXXX. This migration was accomplished using XXXXX, which are two XXXXX joined with a XXXXX. The listening passage describes one special aspect of this migration which is that they may have XXXXX, which would be surprising because they were XXXXX. One clue that this might have happened is that XXXXX when Europeans XXXXX.

Q3: LS Campus (old Q5) Tips and Suggested structure



Q4: LS Lecture (old Q6) Tips and Suggested Structure

Overview and General Tips

Suggested Structure

OLD Q3 - Campus RLS is no more


1) Topic Sentence

In this set of materials, the reading passage is a notice (message, announcement, etc) and the listening passage shows two students’ reaction to (the message, the announcement, it).

2) "The reading passage is..."

a notice about X from the campus administration It states/lists (that) X
a message about X from the university president It reminds students to X
an announcement about X from a teacher (Additionally,) it notes X
a part of a syllabus about X / from Y It warns that X

3) "In the listening passage, two students"

discuss the notice. The woman X, while the man Y
discuss how they feel about the message. Neither.... Also
express surprise about the part of the syllabus. Both... Additionally, they
express disappointment about
have a conversation about

RLS CampusExamples

1) Bicycles

(Old Purple Longman: Reading p205, Listening p208, CD3-43 )

In this set of materials, the reading passage is a notice, and the listening passage shows two students’ reaction to the notice. The reading passage is a notice about a problem with bicycle parking on campus. It states that too many students are parking bicycles in unauthorized places, whereas bicycles should be parked on the east and west sides of campus, where there is a sign. Additionally, the notice warns that from Monday November 1st, bicycles parked in the wrong place will be ticketed. In the listening passage two students discuss their unhappiness about the notice on bicycle parking. In the conversation, the man has already seen the notice, but the woman hasn’t. Neither is happy about the notice because it seems unfair to them that they can’t park their bicycles near their classrooms.

2) Retirement

(Longman: p205, Listening Photo p208, CD3-44)

In this set of materials, the reading passage describes a message, and the listening passage provides a student conversation about the action they will take in response.

The reading passage is a message about the retirement of Dr Margaret Connor from the university president, at the end of Spring Semester, after 50 years. It also describes her career as a grad student and professor in the psychology department, where she was known for her dedication to students, and for writing many books and articles.

In the listening passage, two students express surprise at the message. The man wanted to take Dr Connor’s class. The woman's father had studied with the professor 30 years ago - her father said it was good - and so she also wanted to take one of the professor’s classes. They will probably try to take at least one class next semester, because it will be their last chance.