Schedules - Syllabus for GCP

General Description

This class, which is only open to students in the Global Citizenship Program, is designed to help students prepare for fully participating in western-style English-only classes in their academic field.

Goals and Objectives

This course follows the Curriculum for General Academic Skills

Objectives are same for both semesters, but more is expected in semester two.

Required Materials


Name % Instructions
Drafting process (outline) 10% Given in class
Paragraph P 10% Given in class
Paragraph S 10% Given in class
Paragraph D 10% Given in class
Paragraphs I&C 10% Given in class
Participation 10% make a participation plan
Mini presentations 10% Given in class
Number depends on class size
Vocabulary Project (V) 10% Minimum 375 words
See learn vocabulary
Quickwrite Activities (QW) 10% See do a quickwrite
Speed Reading (SR) 10% See do a speed reading

Read this: grading system

Projects Overview

Essay Topic Style
Spring A write an essay about ethical consumption 5 paragraph problem-solution essay
Spring B write an essay about endangered animals 5 paragraph problem-solution essay
Spring C write an essay about voluntourism criteria-analysis poster presentation
Fall A write an essay about refugees and asylum seekers 7 paragraph problem-solution essay
Fall B write a country case study 9 paragraph case study essay
Fall C Survey research research powerpoint presentation

Weekly Schedule

See Google Drive ( only) for your weekly schedule: (link)