Study Skills - do a quickwrite

Malc Prentice

This information is also on the sheet from class 1.

Why do a quickwrite?

You need practice typing and thinking quickly in English.

It helps you change English you know (but can't use) into English you can use.

How fast do you need to type?

So - it depends on what you need.

How to do a quickwrite

Usually you will type your quickwrite

However, QW1 in class is by hand

1)Download the QW template and prepare it.

2)Set your timer for 10 minutes.

3)After 10 minutes, STOP and count your words

Minimum Word Count

If you do less than the following, you have NOT done your homework:

Time Typed Quickwrite
QW 1-10 100 words minimum
QW 11-20 150 words minimum
QW 21-43 200 words minimum
QW 1-10 (Fall) 200 words minimum
QW 11-20 250 words minimum
QW 21-43 300 words minimum

4) Submit your QW online

I will tell you how to do this in a later class

5) In class we will:


Having problems typing?

Beat my high score at the Alien game (2042) and take a screenshot - I will give you a bonus point!