Study Skills - give a poster presentation

This sheet is about how to USE a poster. For more on how to MAKE the poster, see make a poster

At a real conference.

At conference, you either:

Either way:

1) Stand near your poster, but not so near no-one wants to get close.

2) Don't immediately start talking - wait for them to read a bit and ask a question

3) If they walk away, let them (but maybe offer a handout if you have one)

4) You will need pins, magnets or tape (you often don't know the situation, so bring all)

5) They will probably not read the poster carefully (with you standing there, you have about 45 second before silence becomes uncomfortable and they ask something to be polite or smile and move on)

6) Most common questions:

Remember - you're not presenting, you're answering questions (except if someone asks for a summary, in which case it's more like a mini informal presentation)

Assessment in class

Difficult part is remembering to continue eye contact, gestures, etc when answering questions.

You need to practice at home!