Study Skills - learn vocabulary

Malc Prentice

Vocabulary homework

How many words should I learn?

Which words should I learn?

Find the "Vocab" folder in the Shared Materials folder.

All the lists below come from here:

I've tweaked and combined some of these lists to make them easiuer to use.

How do I submit the vocab homework?

1) Download the template (TEMPLATE for VOCAB.docx) from the Dropbox folder

2) Follow the example

3) Don't forget to NUMBER your words from 1-280

4) Print it and bring it to class

Where do I get the example sentences?

DO NOT write your own example sentences or use your dictionary. The example sentences are to help you understand how words are used. Some words have the same meaning, but are used differently. For example, what is the difference between "Furthermore" and "In addition"? Only example sentences can really tell you.

Read the sentence examples. Choose one example

Only choose sentences you understand.

Copy WHOLE sentences. Try to get the START or END (.:;"!?) a phrase.

Otherwise, copy AT LEAST five words before and after

Tests and grading

How to learn

If you keep getting low scores using sheets, try:

Remember - one word = many words.

Use any of these words in your list, examples and sentences.

Useful websites for learning ABOUT words