Study Skills - make a participation plan


By the end of this page, you will know

What are participation points?

Option 1: Score "try it" points

What you do How to do it How to prove it Online 2020
English Forum (EF) use the Self Access Centre VIP card(EF 印鑑)
or EF sheet
Writing Centre (WC) use the Self Access Centre VIP card(WC 印鑑)
or WF sheet
Speaking Test Centre use the Self Access Centre VIP card(SC 印鑑) Yes
Global Village (GV) use the Self Access Centre VIP card(GV 印鑑) Yes
Official Exam (TOEIC or TOEFL) See PLAS announcements.
Only December is free
Show/Email me your score Maybe, but only December is free
Attend Malc's office hour Malc's schedule
Email for appointment
Attend! Yes! By Zoom.
Email for appointment

Some rules

Option 2: WLC/SAC/University events

Online 2020 - none available online so far

Option 3: Do extra quickwrites

Option 4: ALC Net Academy

How to lose points

Online 2020: Lose a point if a) submit homework late or b) miss a Zoom class (but it's OK if you email me before deadline or during class if you have a problem)

To avoid forgetting homework or running out of time: