Study Skills - present

Maybe you have given presentations before

We are NOT doing that style. We practice semi-formal business/academic style


1) You will research something: Index - Invention

2) You will organise your ideas clearly Index - Arrangement

3) You will use clear English Index - Style

4) You will use notes and memory together ("Memory")

5) You will practice eye contact, body language, and voice ("Delivery")

6) You will answer questions

7) You will get feedback

8) You will lead a short discussion after

9) You might make a powerpoint slideshow

For more on 1-5 (the "Canons of Rhetoric"), see below


If you are using Powerpoint:



For Style, see give a clear presentation



For slide delivery, see:

Remember there is more than one kind of delivery:

Large gestures
from notes or improvised
planned but not scripted
Campaign speech

Small gestures
memorized or teleprompted

Barak Obama

Some examples

After the talk: Questions

First, ask questions for meaning

For graded talks, every listener must ask one question


Speakers: Control interruptions

After the talk: Feedback

See give good feedback

Handouts (optional)

Double check your font size

there are many options (every slide, key slides, key slides with notes)