Study Skills - take notes on lectures

General tips for listening to lectures

Tips for listening to a lecture

What to listen for.

You do not usually quote lectures, so you do not need to copy every word.

Taking notes on lectures

"is" =
"is not"
"number" #
"and" +

Mind maps or Outlines?

Outlines are better for reading. Maps are better for lectures,
Outlines are easy when you type. Maps are easier when you hand-write
Outlines are good for organised information
lectures are usually not organised
Maps are better with disorganised informtion
e.g. if the speaker keeps switching topics
Outlines are also for PLANNING essays. Maps are also good for GETTING IDEAS for essays

OPTION: Try "Cornell" style

1) Draw the lines as shown (You can buy Cornell notebooks in Loft, there is a template in my folder)

2) Take notes in the right hand box

3) After class/lecture, write keywords to the left

4) After class lecture, write a summary in the middle

5) For my class, dont forget questions + APA (add them to the summary box.

6) Review: cover the middle and try to remember using the left column

7) For more info, see (link)