Study Skills - use Google Drive


1) Do not confuse normal Gmail and Please use YOUR address to share a document with MY address

2) Only share when I ask you to. If you are using Google Drive but I ask you to send a Microsoft Word document, "Download as" an Office file (docx) and EMAIL it

3) Most templates convert fine between Word and Drive. Tables and figures especially sometimes go wrong. Check them before you send in a new format

If I ask you to share your draft using Drive:

1)Start your documemt

2) Share it

3) Fix your notifications

4) Wait

5) Read your comments

6) Ask questions

How to convert Word to Drive.

1) FInd the Word file in Drive

2) Right click

3) “Open as” (second option down)

4) Select Google Doc

5) “File”, “Save as Google Docs”

6) CLose the Word files

7) Find the new file (blue with 3 lines, not blue with “w”)

8) Now share THAT new file with me.

Google Drive tweaks

Q: How do I remove the header and footer when printing?

A: Under "File" - "Print", choose "Minimum" under "Margins"

Q: How do I turn on spellcheck for English?

A: Under "File", select "Language" and choose an English

Q: How do I get outline numbering for RR outlines?

A: Under "Format", "Numbered List" choose the one that has I, II, III, IV.

Q: How to I fix Burasage?

A: Format = Align and Indent - Indentation Options - Hanging - 1.27cm (0.5 inches)