Study Skills - write a well formatted email

Malc Prentice


1) Subject Line

Put your Name, class name, and homework code (or problem keyword) in the subject line

2) Start with a greeting

e.g. "Malc," Very informal
e.g. "Hi Malc," Informal use this one
e.g. "Dear Mr Prentice," Formal if you use this one I will think you are in trouble :-)
e.g. "To Whom it May Concern:" Try not to use this.
Try to find out who you are emailing
e.g. "Dear Sir/Madam," Try not to use this.
Try to find out who you are emailing
e.g. "Hi, Everyone" Informal, emailing a group of friends
e.g. "Dear All, " Informal to a group - maybe

3) If you haven't emailed someone in a while

Usually, you should ask a question or tell them something before asking them for something.

You see me every week, so you don't need this when you email me now.

4) Say the main thing

"Please find attached my Essay C3"

"I was absent on Tuesday - can you tell me my team name"

"Here is my homework"

"Here is my report. Sorry it is late. "

"I was sick last week. Can I have an extension on A3"

5) Add a thanks/hope phrase (optional for informal emails)

Thanks in advance. if it's something normal like marking an essay or sending info
I hope you can help. if it's something less common, like a reference
I hope to hear from you. if you're expecting a reply - quite formal
Let me know informal - if there's a chance they'll say "no"

6) Add a polite written goodbye phrase

Be careful - most have commas not periods

Cheers, people you know well
Best, people you know well
Regards, people you know well
Best Regards, people you know well
Yours, people you know
Your sincerely, formal - you started "Dear Mr. Smith,"
Yours faithfully, formal - you started "Dear Sir/Madam"

7) Your name

For this class, also give your student number in brackets


Hiroko Sato (20150001)

Common mistakes

1) Use the correct attachment name!

OK: Hiroko Sato-SSGB-RR1.docx

OK: Hiroko Sato-ECB- AOutline.docx

OK: Hiroko Sato-TOEFL-B3.docx

NO: Document1.docx

NO: Hiroko.docx

NO: A3.docx

2) Please don't email me to say thank you!

I get 100 emails a week from students (essays, questions).

If everyone emails "thank you" when I answer, I get 200!

You don't need to thank me for answering. It's my job!

Send a "thank you" maximum once, at the end of term.

3) Ignore the "Footer"

Your email will maybe automatically add something like this:

鈴木大志(創価大学) 経営学部経営学科
学籍番号 e1659abc

This is fine but it does not replace the things above. You still need to actually write your name on a line of its own in romaji. It still needs to be


Taishi Suzuki
鈴木大志(創価大学) 経営学部経営学科
学籍番号 e1659abc

Example emails

Example email 1



Subject: Hiroko Sato - ECS - RR1

Dear Malc,

Here is my RR1 homework.

Thanks in advance.


Hiroko Sato (20140999)

Hiroko Sato-SSGB-RR1.docx

Example email 2



Subject: Hiroko Sato - ECS - RR1

Dear Malc,

I hope you are well.

I was in your SSGB class last year. Next year I want to do an internship, and I need a teacher to certify my English score. Would it be possible for you to do this? I can come to your office Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hiroko Sato (20140999)

Example email 3



Subject: Shared Doc

Hi Everyone!

Here's the shared file. Malc says we have to finish checking it by Monday