Style - follow academic conventions

Malc Prentice

Some rules for formal academic writing. Not all of them apply in all majors. Engineering is stricter on this than Education, for example.

Do not use "I"

Do not use "you" or "we"

Unless you mean EVERYONE:

"We did a survey" bad, because "we" = your research team
"We must protect the planet" OK, because "we" = all humans
"After that, you should look at" bad, because "you" means the reader
"When you study English, you also learn culture" OK, because "you" means all students

It's safer just to avoid "we" and "you" completely. Use passive, third person, "it is"

Do not use digits under 10


DO not use abbreviations

Do not use verbs of opinion.

If you think something is true, PROVE it using evidence.

Do not use these:

No rhetorical questions

Some of you have written speeches.

Some rules for academic speeches do not work in essays!