Style - use the right tense

List of main tenses

Example Key idea COmmon language
1I play football every / habit / usually every week
2I'm playing football now / temporary now
this week
at the moment
3I have played football unfinished time or effect ever, just, still not, yet,
4I played football finished time or effect last week, in 2012
5I'm going to (gonna) play football future plan probably
6I will play football just decided, future not sure maybe
7I'm playing football 100% future, "friend future" definitely

Question patterns

1What NOUN (optional)are you doing +
2Where do you do +
3When did you do +
4Who have you done +
5Why are you doing +
6Which NOUN (optional)will you do +
7How many
are you gonna do + +


1) Can you name the tenses in Japanese (think back to JHS)

2) Here are the names in English:

(you don't need these unless you are doing a study abroad)

1) Present Simple

2) Present Continuous

3) Present Perfect

4) Past Simple

5/6/7 - Future