Style - use title case

What is Title Case?

Title case is when you give the important words in a title a capital letter (大文字)

Example of cases

What are the rules?

Capitalize important words:

When do I use Title Case?

In your homework

In the references section for CONTAINERS

See avoid common APA format problems under "When do I use Title Case and Italics in the references?"

But basically: if you open a source, and it contains work by many people, use title case for the thing you open:

Type Title Case No title case
News Newspaper title Newspaper article title
Book Book by one author Edited book, with chapters by many authors
Journal Journal title Journal article title
Website Nothing Nothing

Even if title is not in Title Case, follow the normal capital letter rules:

Common Mistake: DON'T copy the case of the original

If your book cover is written "MY DOG" or "My Dog"

If your newspaper is written "JAPAN TIMES" or "japan times" or "Japan times"


Some titles in title case:

Same titles NOT in title case: