Style - write a compare-contrast sentence

This page is about compare-contrast sentence patterns.

For tips on writing a compare-contrast paragraph, see write a compare-contrast

Cohesion - introducing a comparison section

Compare - alternatives to "And"

Both A and B are
can be
Each of A. B, and C are quite expensive
can be relatively expensive

A, B, and C are all extremely expensive
A is just as expensive as B
A is as as B

Like A, B is also expensive
Just as with A,
Just like A,
B is also

A is expensive. Similarly, B costs a lot
In the same way,
In a similar sense,
By the same token,
For that matter, so is B

One thing A and B have in common is expense

A is similar to B in that both are expensive

Another way they are similar is that B is expensive


Contrast - alternatives to "both"

A is expensive but B is cheap
, however
. However,
, while
, whereas
. On the other hand,
. In contrast,
, while in contrast,
In comparison
, while in comparison
. On the contrary,
. Conversely,

While A is expensive, B is cheap

Unlike A, B is cheap
As opposed to
In comparison to
In contrast to

A is cheaper than B
is more expensive than

A is expensive .B, conversely, is cheap
, as opposed to B, which
.B, on the other hand,
, unlike B, which

A differs from B in that A is cheap
is different from B in that A

A is not cheap. In fact, compared to B, it is expensive
Indeed, compare to B,

Joining two negatives (alternatives to "nor")

A is not cheap, and neither is it fast. However, it is comfortable
A is neither cheap nor fast Then again, it is comfortable.
Not only is A not cheap, it is also not fast Despite that, it is comfortable.

Joining two positives (alternatives to "and")

A is X, and in addition Y

A is not only X but also Y

A is both X and Y

A is X as well as Y

A is X. Furthermore, it is Y

A is X. Additionally, it is Y

Joining opposing qualities (alternatives to "but")

A is fast, but expensive.

A is fast, albeit expensive.

Despite its speed, it is cheap

Concession language

These are good for "CHOICE" type iBT independent essays - they go in the Discussion after the summary and before the final comment.

Comparison sentence for a Description paragraph

The following only applies when you write a description paragraph

If your topic is a word no-one knows

Compare it with something I DO know. Help me imagine what it is.

For example, imagine you are writing an essay about Vaquitas (an endangered animal): (link)

Comparison Good or bad? Why?
Dolphins and Vaquita GOOD I know dolphins
They are similar but different
Now I can imagine what a Vaquita is.
Cows and Vaquita BAD I know the cow
Too different!
This doesn't help me imagine what a Vaquita is
Vaquita and Porpoise BAD I don't know the porpoise well
Are they similar? How would I know?
This doesn't help me imagine what a Vaquita is

If your topic is a word everyone knows

Compare good and bad (or bad and worse) versions .

In other words, give more information after you write a partition sentence

For example, imagine you are writing an essay about Diamonds"

Legal and illegal diamonds GOOD That is your topic
Helps me to understand the difference .
Diamonds and glass BAD How does this help?
I already know what both are
I am not learning anything new.
No-one is smuggling glass

Examples of Description paragraph comparisons

The Dugong is similar to the Dolphin in that they are both air breathing mammals that are streamlined for the sea. However, Dugong are fatter, have flatter faces, and eat grass instead of fish.

Tantalum is similar to steel in both colour and appearance, however tantalum is a transition metal as opposed to a post-transition metal, much rarer, and has a much higher melting point - 3290K compared 933K