Style - write a final comment sentence

"Final comment" could also be called "a conclusion", but

For first year essays

Final comments should be aimed at the READER

The reader is a student in Japan, so try "Japanese students / People in Japan / Students in Soka University... who want to help should"

Final comments for your essays should be PRACTICAL

I recommend you stick to things you or people you know can do

Final comments are also SPECIFIC.

Two part final comments

Transition phrase Recommendation, prediction, decision, plan or implication
In conclusion, we should
To conclude, the United Nations needs to
The conclusion that can be drawn is that
THe principle conclusion is that
For these reasons, the Japanese government should
For these three reason, X needs to be done immediately.
As a result
Because of this, we have to
Because of these issues, the most likely next step is to X
This data indicates that,
IN light of the above,

All this lends support to the notion that

All in all, this suggests that X is the most appropriate choice.
What this means is that, X is the most important.
As a consequence, the following steps are suggested: 1,2,3
As such, the balance of evidence suggests that it is likely that X will happen
This implies that if we do nothing about the problems outlined above, then X will happen.


Other Genres

iBT TOEFL independent essays

Final Comment is often a "choice" or personal decision

Sports News article

Process Essays

The end product

A comment on the process

A reminder, or warning about an important step

Longer works

Not every paragraph or section gets a final comment. For example in a dissertation, you would expect a final comment

Where there is no final comment, you still need to write a paragraph summary-link