Style - write a partition sentence

Things you can partition

A product (essay 1) There are three main types of tea - green black, and oolong - of which black is the most difficult to consume ethically, and is the topic of this essay
An animal (essay 2) There are seven types of tiger, including Siberian and Bengal, of which the most endangered is the Shikoku Tiger.
A process There are three main steps in making X - 1,2, and 3 - of which the most difficult is 2.
Areas THere are two main cotton producing areas - Shikoku and Kazakhstan - of which Shikoki is the most famous.

Style: Useful patterns

Option 1: "There are"

There are NUMBER kinds of TOPIC COMMA/HYPHEN/COLON + LIST Optional Comment
There are many kinds of Japanese dog , including Shiba and Akita . (no comment)
There are hundreds of crab species , including rock and spider . This topic was chosen because
There are two kinds of diamond : conflict free, and not free . Of these, the most famous/problematic/endagered is Y...
...which is why it was chosen for this essay
There are two main buildings on this campus : the hill and the dome . The most X, and the topic of this essay, is Y
There are three main steps in the product's life - making, using, and recycling - of which the stage that causes most problems is recycling.
There are two main kinds of Japanese dog - Shiba and Akita - of which Shiba is the cutest.
There are hundreds of types of Beetle , including Stag and kuwagata, but this essay concentrates on the dung beetle.

Option 2: "The"

There are NUMBER kinds of TOPIC COMMA/HYPHEN/COLON + LIST Optional Comment
The two main kinds of Japanese dog are Shiba and Akita , and of these the most common is the Akita.
The most common Japanese dogs are the Shiba and the Akita of which X is the most Y, and the topic of this essay.
The most endangered large cats are the Bengal and the Siberian . (no comment)
The two kinds of diamond discussed are conflict free, and blood diamonds. BLood diamonds were chosen as the topic because...
The three main conflict minerals described here are Nickel, Cadmium, and Tantalum. Of these, Tantalum is the worst, and so was chosen...

Option 3: For longer lists or special types of category

division verb number split type COMMA/HYPHEN/COLON + LIST
X can be divided into 7 types - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
X can be split into four kinds based on colour - red, green, blue, and pink
X consists of three main isotopes : U233, U235 and U238