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The number of animals and plants are decreasing at a dangerous rate around the world. What are the causes of this problem? What can be done to improve this situation?


In recent decades, many plants and animals have become threatened with extinction in many parts of the world. I believe that this global problem is the result of destructive human activity and that stronger legal regulation and greater conservation action are effective solutions.

In this paragraph we explain the causes of the global animal phenomenon problem. One of the main drivers of endangered species is large-scale deforestation for buildings and infrastructure. The world’s growing population is accelerating the clearing of forests to build commercial and recreational facilities and associated infrastructure, destroying countless natural habitats in the process. Another human activity that has a negative impact on the environment is the disposal of polluting waste. A prime example is the illegal dumping of toxic waste into our waterways and seas by unscrupulous industrial plants in order to save on disposal costs.

Such pollution endangers fish, sea animals along with aquatic plants, and seriously damages the delicate marine ecosystem. The solution to animal decline is to clamp down harder on illegal activities. Specifically, this means regulating harmful commercial activities such as poaching and imposing large fines and long prison terms on those who fail to comply with environmental legislation. According to an article I read recently it is also effective to support institutions for the protection of animals. Captive breeding projects, particularly in zoos, increase the likelihood of animals surviving and repopulating, and eventually returning to their original habitat as adults.

In conclusion, many species are threatened with extinction due to large-scale land development and illegal human activities, but we can help to improve this deteriorating situation by strengthening the crackdown on illegal activities and supporting institutions to protect animals.

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