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Aquariums are More Relaxing Spots than Zoos

Most people want to feel better because they are busy studying or working hard and tired. One of the best ways is to go to places where animals can be seen. This is important because studies conducted at a hospital show animals have the effect of reducing human’s anxiety and stress. This essay argues that, if you want to see animals, aquariums are more relaxing spots than zoos.

This paragraph gives three reasons for the above opinion. The first reason is the location. Unlike zoos, most aquariums are indoor facilities so you can go anytime even if it is rainy or sunny. Also, fish are not as big as the animals, so they can be located in a building like the Sunshine Aquarium, and you can go even if you are in the center of the city. The second reason is beauty. There are more colorful animals in the aquariums than zoos (such as sea anemones and clownfish), so even people who are not interested in animals can enjoy themselves and relax. Also, there are many aquariums that are as beautiful as art museums, such as the exhibition of jellyfish in Aqua Park Shinagawa, which lights up the water tanks in a colorful way. The third reason is the surrounding environment. You will not feel uncomfortable in aquariums because, unlike animals kept outside, fish that live in water tanks do not make loud noises and their smell does not leak out. In addition, there are relaxing effects with beautiful indoor music like the sound of bubbles and calm lighting, so you can relax, and even children who do not like loud sounds can enjoy there.

This essay argued that aquariums are more relaxing spots than zoos. In summary, there are three reasons for the opinion stated in the introduction - location, beauty, and surrounding environments - of which the most important is beauty. As such, if students want to feel better, they should go to Sunshine Aquarium, which is close to the university and has beautiful exhibitions. Word Count: 337


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