Alba English

Materials for Class

TOEFL Integrated Speaking


There are three basic types of integrated speaking

30s to prepare, 60s to speak except Q4 (20s to prepare)

General tips


Good Examples

Q2 RLS Campus

Overview and tips


Simple template

In this set of materials, the reading passage is about TOPIC … and in the listening two students’ talk about the topic. The reading passage is about X. It says that SUMMARY. In the listening passage, two students discuss the topic. The man/woman OPINION. His/her first reason/example is L1. His/her second reason/example is L2.

Template with Choices.

HOWEVER, most ETS “HIgh LEVEL ECXAMPLES” just start with the answer, focusing ONLY on the speaker they asked about (the woman or the man)


Q3 RLS Lecture

Overview and General Tips

Good Examples

Suggested Example Arrangement (Make your own)

Example (From Purple Longman, p651)

READING TOPIC: “body of water” called “Dead Sea”

LISTENING TOPIC: add point - dead sea NOT sea


Example (Template for ETS example)

In this set of materials, the reading passage describes animal domestication, and the listening passage gives two examples.

Q4: LS Lecture Summary

Overview and General Tips


Good examples

Style/Arrangement - Suggested Example Structure