Alba English

Materials for Class

Quote and Paraphrase

If you need to use someone else’s words, there are two options: Quote or Paraphrase.

Option 1: Quote

Option 2: Paraphrase - use your own words and grammar

##Example paraphrases - why are these bad/good?


He renounced his citizenship for political reasons and emigrated to America to take the position of Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton (Nobel Foundation, 1922).

Bad paraphrase 1 - word/idea order different, words not changed

For political reasons, he renounced his citizenship and __ took the position of Theoretical Physics Professor at Princeton__ after he emigrated to America (Nobel Foundation, 1922).

Bad paraphrase 2 - words changed but order the same

Einstein gave up his nationality for political motives and moved to the US to occupy the post of Lecturer on Theoretical Physics in Princeton (Nobel Foundation, 1922).

Bad paraphrase 3 - meaning has been changed

Einstein hated politicians, so he settled in the Americas and became a Prince (Nobel Foundation, 1922).

Good paraphrase - words/idea order/grammar changed

On political grounds, Einstein gave up his citizenship, and having settled in the US became a Professor at Princeton University, teaching Theoretical Physics (Nobel Foundation, 1922).

Good summary (paraphrase and shorten without changing meaning).

Einstein went to work at Princeton, having first given up his citizenship (Nobel Foundation, 1922).