Alba English

Materials for Class

References General Rules

Alphabetical order. Numbers first

Common Mistakes

A closer look at Italics

A summary:

Type You hold this = italics You do not hold = no italics
Book Title of the book you hold the chapter title you don’t rip out
Magazine Title of the magazine you hold the article title you don’t rip out
newspaper Title of the newspaper you hold the article title you don’t rip out
news website Title of the article title you could print and hold the news group - you couldn’t print the whole site
normal website The title of the page you could print and hold the site name - you couldn’t print the whole site
Journal article The journal NAME and bound VOLUME number The issue, article, or page number

A Closer Look at Title Case

Title Case can be Confusing. Follow the Examples, but if you are Wondering why in APA is Title Case, Here is the Rule:

Title Case in APA = the Name of a Collection

Type Collection - Title Case Not a collection = no title case
News Newspaper Title article title
Journal Journal Title article title
Video TED Talks video title
Websites Website Name website page title
Normal book Nothing - not a collection The book title.
Book with chapters by different people Book Name Chapter in book

Other common issues

Citation managers

There are also some tools you can use, but they’re always full of mistakes. They get dates, page numbers, and online vs paper wrong all the time. Learn to do it manually first. However, if you’re doing a long dissertation with many citations and take the time to correct the mistakes, they’re great and integrate with Word or Google Docs. The main ones are:

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