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Materials for Class

Project: Write an Paragraph on Ethical Consumption


We will write an essay about ethical consumption (倫理的消費) (why we need to think carefully about people and the environment before we buy things).

By the end of this project, you will be able to write a paragraph summarising your reading on the problem:

Class 1 Task A: Think and Understand

Class 1 Task B: Read this example paragraph

This paragraph outlines three problems that** shea butter production can cause - poverty, lack of child education, and loss of trees. The first problem is poverty. Developed countries buy shea butter at too low a cost for farmers to have a stable income. For this reason, people sometimes make enough money, but sometimes experience poverty. The second problem is lack of child education. Due to a the lack of money, children sometimes have to work making shea butter rather than go to school. As a result, many of them cannot read or write, as situation which can lead to problems arranging export, negotiating, and getting information. The third problem is loss of trees. Some people cut down the shea trees in order to make charcoal, which is sold as a commodity, and people can get income quickly. However, the trees take a very long time to grow again, and until then people cannot make the butter. In summary, there are three main problems - poverty, lack of child education, and loss of trees - of which the most serious is lack of child education.

Homework for class 2 (or class 1 if we have time): Choose a topic and do some reading

Class 2 Task A - Share your Ideas

You should now have notes like this

Share your ideas in class. Only do the third line (definition) if your topic word is not well known

Class 2

In class, we will also talk about:

Homework for Class 3

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