Alba English

Materials for Class

Project - Opinion Essay (Three paragraphs)

Step 1: choose an opinion.

Arrangement (to help you do homework)

Homework 1

Homework 1 Example notes/outline plan

Homework 2 - Write body paragraph

Homework 3 - draft 1

Homework 3A - add introduction (4 sentences)

Sentence Example 1 Example2
1 General Background (GB) Health students hungry
2 Specific Background (SB) get enough water ramen
3 Importance Background (IB) dehydration is dangerous if hungry, can’t study
4 Thesis statement (opinion) people should drink 2l of water a day in summer Panda Ramen in Ikebukuro is best ramen

If you don’t like “most people” and “one of the best” and “This is important because”, read the full guide to writing an introduction for more ideas

Homework 3B - add conclusion (3 sentences)

Homework 3C

Homework 3D - Check the list of common mistakes