Alba English

Materials for Class

Project - Plan A Trip

In this report, we want to practice:

We also want to learn about opportunities for going abroad while at University. If you do not learn now, by the time you decide to go it might be too late - you might be busy with job-hunting, dissertation, or you might not be able to get the TOEFL/IELTS score you need.

1) Discussion

Do you want to go abroad? Why? Is it one of these reasons?

2) Process

3) Research you need to know before you go.

4) Think about the Outcome

5) Next, prepare to outline the pattern, with some differences

I will share a template. Don’t forget your citations, summary, and FC the top thing you need to do to make it happen. e.g. “In summary, I’m going to visit UBC in Canada in summer 2017, and study Marketing for one semester. To do this, I really need to save more money, so I will get a part time job soon. I also need to get my iBT TOEFL score up to 90”)

Here are some tools I use, you can try these if you’re not sure where to start.