Alba English

Materials for Class

Process Essay

There are two kinds of process essay

Step 1: Invention - Brainstorm

1) Think of things you YOU DO 2) Think of things you want to learn how to do 3) Think of things where you wonder “How is that done?”

Step 2: Homework

Step 3: In class we will

Step 4: Homework

Process Essay Arrangement

Three paragraph (“How to” type)

Three paragraph (“How something is done” type)

Project A Style

Example detail sentences for ‘How to”

Example detail sentences for “How something is done

Endings for process

Now you have “Now you have some tasty mochi” Do not forget “Do not forget to chew your mochi carefully” Options “You can add cream or eat it plain” Recommendation “You should eat it with cream” Decision (not academic) “I will make some next week for my friend’s party” Link to next paragraph: “That was how it is made. In the next section….” Other options Write a paragraph summary