Alba English

Materials for Class

Project - Write an Email

1) Subject Line

Put your Name and a few words about the email contents. If you are emailing about class, say which class!

2) Start with a greeting

3) If you haven’t emailed someone in a while

4) Say the main thing

5) Add a thanks/hope phrase (optional for informal emails)

Line When to use
Thanks in advance. A task I would do anyway e.g. teacher marking an essay
I hope you can help. A task that’s less common e.g. teacher writing a reference
I hope to hear from you. If you’re expecting a reply - quite formal
Let me know if… If there’s a chance they’ll say “no”

6) Add a polite written goodbye phrase

Be careful - most have commas not periods

Type Style Who for?
Nothing Very informal. People you know very well.
Cheers, Very informal. People you know very well.
Best, Informal. People you know very well
Regards, Semi-formal I use this for work. Use it for me!
Best Regards, semi-formal I’ve seen this used both ways. Maybe avoid.
Yours, Formal People you know formally
Your sincerely, Formal You started “Dear Mr. Smith,”
Yours faithfully, Formal You started “Dear Sir/Madam”

7) Your name

If a class email, also give your student number in brackets


Hiroko Sato (20150001)

Warning about footers

Other tips