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Style - Describe Change

These phrases were originally written to help describe figures and tables when they refer to change. However, they can be used to describe any change.

Verb based phrases

1 |2 |3
—————–|—————–|—————– X has become |less |common X became |somewhat |frequent X is |quite |rapid |more |serious |increasingly |large

Noun options

1 2 3
There has been a large increase in X
There was a small rise in X
There is likely to be slow fall in X
This indicates a sudden plateau in x
This shows an immediate rise in X
Table 2 reveals a startling doubling of X
Figure 3 suggests a slight spike in X
The table above predicts a gradual rise in X
There is a slight decrease in X
  steady upswing in X
    reduction in X
    collapse of the X
    slump in X
    drop in X
    decline in X

Verb options

1 2 3
the X leveled off slightly
the percentage of X plateaued slowly
the amount of X went flat immediately
the value of X went up almost instantly
the cost of X has increased gradually
the number of X increased startlingly
the degree to which X has risen suddenly
the quality of X rose slightly
the quantity of X decreased  
the X rate fell at once
the estimate of X has fallen steadily
predicted levels of X halved from its high in 2015
  doubled , causing surprise
  tripled over a period of 2 years
  quadrupled virtually overnight
  plummeted to its lowest level since records began
  remained stable at its previous level
  stayed steady at 120

For most verbs you can also add an adverb BEFORE the verb

Optional - describe the change in detail

1 2 3
has increased to 33%
has increased from 22% to 33%
has increased from around 20% to 33%
has increasde by 11%