Alba English

Materials for Class

Small Talk

Everything (discussions, presentations, job interviews, meetings) starts with small talk.

It is important to be good at this, so we will start every class with practice.


(Skip the <– part for “five second elevator” small talk)

Make your own!

A conversation has 6 parts: A, B, C, D, E, & F. Do all 6 every time you change partners

A) Hello + greeting

Hello Greeting
Hi How’s it going?
Hey How are things?
Morning How’ve you been?
Afternoon What’s new?
Evening What’s up?

There are many more, but usually:

B) Small talk question

Examples for people you just met:

Examples for people you see every week:

C) Change the topic

D) Fill your silence

Can’t think of how to say something? Give yourself some time! Use English sounds!

Any time Beginning Middle End
Ummmmm It’s like sorta , yeah?
Uh Well, kinda , yknow?
Er Maybe, like , right?

E) Active Listening

Maybe you learned this in another class. Use it here too! e.g. “Uh-huh”, “I see”, “Really”, “Do you mean?”

F) Finish the conversation (three parts)

Stop signal, reason Promise to contact Goodbye
Alright, I have to go. See you around! Bye
Oh, my class starting. See you at lunch? Goodbye
Sorry! My mum’s calling me. I’ll call you later. Bye then
OK, this is my floor Let’s go to X later? Cheerio (UK)
Got to run, my bus is coming. Speak to you after