Alba English

Materials for Class

Style - Use Cohesion

Common mistakes

What is Cohesion?

For example

|Signal |Example |— |— |This an example sentence |”For example, …” |This is another example |”A second example of this would be…” |This an effect |”This is because…” |This a disagreeing response |”However, …” |THis is an agreeing response |”In fact, …” |This a another supporting point |”Additionally, …” |This is a summary |”In summary, …” |This is a new reason on same topic |”Another reason X is a problem is that”

Basics: So, Or, But, Because, And

You could write an essay with just these (a boring one though).

Use them correctly! They JOIN sentences. Never do this:

Because works both ways, but be careful of the order

Giving an example (alternatives to “for example”)

Adding another point: (alternatives to “Also”)

Adding a detail to a point

Adding a clarification

Giving a reason (alternatives to “so”)


Around 10% of Y are Z.
More than 7000 of Y are not Z.
Less than five of those Y are Z.
Approximately half Ys are Z.
Up to one third of Y could be Z.

Signal quote/research

Signal Importance

Signal Doubt or disagreement

Signal a Summary (Alternatives to “In summary”)

Not in academic essays

Spoken only