Alba English

Materials for Class

Style - Use Common Tenses and Moods


Example Key idea Common time phrases
1 I play football every/habit usually, every week
2 I’m playing football right now at the moment / this week
3 I have played football unfinished ever, just, still not, yet,
4 I played football finished last week, in 2012
5 I’m gonna play football future plan probably
6 I know! I’ll play football just decided/unsure maybe
7 I’m playing football 100% future, friends definitely  

Questions mix and match

Question Topic (optional) tense verbs verb form
1 What NOUN (optional) are you doing
2 Where X do you do
3 When X did you do
4 Who X have you done
5 Why X are you doing
6 Which NOUN (optional) will you do
7 How many/much/often/adj are you gonna do


You don’t need these unless you are doing a study abroad

English Japanese
1) Present Simple 現在
2) Present Continuous  現在新古系
3) Present Perfect 現在完了
4) Past Simple  過去形
5) Future  未来形